Music is a vital part of the human experience, and because our lives these days can be filled with music through all sorts of technological means, often most people are too busy to attend live music entertainment events. 

Music is an important aspect of the Caravan of Dream experience, so we bring the music to you. The concept of Caravan of Dreams from its inception was that of a restaurant and music venue.

We've hosted thousands of New York's best amateur and professional musicians since 1991, and continue to do so almost every night and during weekend brunch hours.

Though you'll hear -- and often be enchanted by -- great live music, Caravan of Dreams remains a restaurant where friends, lovers and new fellows can relax and hold spirited conversations. Our musicians respect the intimacy of the space by playing just loud enough to sweeten the room, without dominating it.

The music you'll hear any given night ranges from jazz (trios, gypsy, Dixieland, and solo piano), World Music (such as African and/or middle eastern influences), classical, folk, and singer-songwriter.

Check the website Calendar to see who's playing tonight, and be sure to follow us on social media.


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