Brunch & Lunch


Brunch is Served 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Everyday


Served with house salad, choice of fresh orange juice or sangria (or virgin sangria) and coffee or tea


Tofu Scrambled

Vegetables, tofu, spices, onion mix, garlic and while wheat sourdough toast (substitute pancake for $1.50)


Spinach Tofu Omelette

Pesto, tomato, scallions, peppers, chapati (substitute pancake for $1.50)


Country Breakfast Platter

Two berry-spelt pancakes, fresh fruit, marinated tempeh


Breakfast Burrito

(Gluten-Free Available)

Potatoes, sauteed kale, guacamole, smoked tofu, chile de arbol


Polenta Platter

(Gluten-Free Available)

Tomato, ali-oli, sauteed greens & vegetables, black beans


Mediterranean Brunch

(Gluten-Free Available)

Spanish rice, seitan, sauteed greens, tomato, ali-oli


Brunch a La Carte

French Toast

Sourdough levain, house-made "nutella", banana, berries and toasted hazelnuts - 13


Berry Pancakes

Two spelt pancakes, grilled banana, fresh fruit, chopped nuts - 10


Fruit Salad

(Gluten-Free Available)

Seasonal fruit, almond cream, nuts, raspberry sauce - 6/9

Herbal Tea (No Caffeine)

Calming - Chai Roibos - Chamomile - Echinacea Elder - Egyptian - Licorice - Ginger - Lemon Ginger - Throat Comfort Peppermint - Ginseng Vitality - Vanilla Hazelnut - 4



A special chai blend with fresh cashew milk topped with house whip cream - 6



Apple malted with cinnamon, cloves, lemon, ginger and orange - 6



Caravan Signature chocolate with cordiceps, shilajit, wild chaga, homemade coconut whipped cream (optional add $1)

Wild siberian chaga, Arriba nacional raw chocolate, raw cashew cream, raw vanilla, mesquite (white carob) and dates - 7



Custom Juice

Greens and some vegetables do not create much juice and must be sold in a blend or additional charges may apply

Apple - Cucumber - Grapefruit - Lemon - Lime - Orange - Beet - Broccoli - Carrot - Celery - Kale - Greens - Parsley - Spinach - 7 / 9


Classic Green Juice

Kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon, mint (optional) carrot or ginger 7/10


Angel's Delight

Apple, beet, carrot and grapefruit with ginger - 9


Venezuelan Delight

Carrot, grapefruit and beet juice - 8


Coconut Water

Grown fresh in Thailand - 7


Coconut Shake

Fresh pulp and water of young coconut in blender  - 9


Almond or Cashew Milk

Enjoy the sweet fresh milk - 7