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Caravan of Dreams was founded by Angel Moreno in 1991 as the place where the Spanish expat could combine his passions for food, health, music, arts, and community. Since then it has served the East Village in particular -- and New York City in general -- with all organic, all vegan, kosher verified, and extensive live food options, plus a fully stocked bar, nightly entertainment, and occasional educational seminars and events.

Built plank-by-plank and brick-by-brick by Angel, Caravan of Dreams became the vanguard of a new mode of living, and has since become one of the established stalwarts of the East Village scene and a symbol of the Zeigeist.

Caravan of Dreams is for people that appreciate the quality of things and -- like Angel -- have a deep respect for the elements. This can be found in the restaurants commitment to the freshest organic food ingredients, structured water, energy-saving lighting, and more. The purity of Angel's vision and dedication fostered an on-going and evolving community of participants who embrace better living.

The restaurant is now the home for that community, a place where Angel and others reach out to countless people to develop new ideas for a greater world based on the Caravan of Dreams tenet: good food and health, music and dance, friends, family and lovers. These are the indigents to the wellspring of happiness Angel has always envisioned and actively shares.

Our educational program will be coming soon: Cooking, Lectures, Exhibits, conferences.

Caravan of Dreams is more than a restaurant, more than an idea, it’s a philosophy put to practical use to enhance better living.

At Caravan of Dreams we respect the elements to enhance your experience with us:

AIR: an air ionizer purifies throughout the restaurant.

WATER: Structured Bio-photonic water (enhances hydration and vitality).

LIGHT: High windows draws energy from the sun for Vitamin D, and we use energy-efficient lighting throughout the restaurant.

EARTH: Sustainability: we prepare only organic, bio-photonic foods.

SOUND: Nightly music to soothe the soul and sweeten the atmosphere.

Angel Moreno was born in Madrid and settled in New York in his twenties, a young man dedicated to the pursuit of health and happiness, and sharing those passions. This led to the founding of the restaurant Caravan of Dreams, long-considered one of New York City’s leading and top vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

It has served hundreds of thousands of flavorful, healthy vegetarian and vegan meals since 1991, and become ground zero for Angel and others to put into practice countless revolutionary ideas abut nutrition, food, and community.

Emanating from his restaurant in NYC, Angel continues his quest by balancing the operation and evolution of Caravan with a host of other projects here and abroad; the underlying goal is to provide to the world the ideals and commitment that Caravan has continued to provide to new York City.

Nothing affects human health as greatly as diet. We truly are what we eat, and if we want to feel well, we must eat well. Those are actually pretty simple instructions for a machine as complex as the human body.

But what does eating well mean? And how does one do it all the time? What appeared to be simple instructions quickly gets very complicated in the context of a modern society. This is why food-related illnesses are so prevalent: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer.

A restaurant has -- to some extent -- the responsibility to serve good and healthy food (never mind that it’s a poor business model to kill your customers — and ironically Caravan’s two closest neighbors are McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts). We see responsibility as opportunity.

Caravan of Dreams is our playground for nutritional experimentation. We use existing new ingredients, as well as newly discovered uses of old ingredients. For example, Caravan was ahead of the curve on such things as goj berries, maca, raw cacao, and long-chain sweeteners (like Xylitol).

In a fast-paced city like Manhattan people can be hard-pressed to find the time to eat well. It begins with education of what is healthy foods, finding those establishments committed to your well being (like Caravan of Dreams), and organizing your life to take care of your great asset …you!

If a person could live their entire life without harming another living being, shouldn't they?

This is the core question in Caravan’s philosophy towards diet. The choices we make about our food affects our lives and health a great deal, but they also have a much larger impact on thousands of living beings during our lifetime.

Animals have interior lives. They feel pain and pleasure, form groups and societies, recognize bonds, and — in the absence of danger — tend towards peaceful coexistence with the world around them. Animals hold their own lives to be precious, and defend those lives at all costs. They want to live.

No matter our history (and human history as omnivores is speculated to to be shorter than generally believed), human beings in the modern world stand at a crossroads: continue the thoughtless murder of millions of sentient and life-loving creatures each year for a diet that is proven to be unhealthy for humans and the Earth; whose impact on health and the environment gets exponentially worse over time; or put slaughter and destruction behind us to become evolved beings driven by compassion: plant-eaters and world-healers.

Evolved? some compassionate vegetarians & vegans include Socrates, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Confucius, Issac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and the Beatles.

Caravan of Dream is local. The restaurant has been at the same location since it opened in 1991, and has been one of the rare constants in a rapidly evolving neighborhood. The East Village is the epicenter of New York City’s movement towards healthy, organic local food and healthier living, the ideals Caravan has represented since it inception.

Aside from providing great food and a relaxed, intimidate space to New Yorkers, Caravan of Dreams has also hosted lectures, cooking demonstrations, meetings, parties, and yoga classes.The restaurant regularly gives charitably to local schools and organizations in tune with their ideals and progressive attitudes. And it’s proud of maintaining one of the cleanest, greenest stretches of sidewalk in the East Village.

Caravan of Dreams is global. Aside from being internationally recognized as one of New York’s best vegan restaurants, which allows it to host enthusiastic guests from all over the planet, it is part of a global community of educators, farmers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to building a better world through the construction of more restaurants, health centers, and farms — not to mention cookbooks, classes, and lectures — that hold to the same principles of nutrition and healthy living already in practice at Caravan.

Angel, Caravan’s owner, is committed to this global community and spends a great deal of his time moving energies, meeting and introducing people, and bringing his ideas to fruition. Caravan of Dreams is Angel’s base for these operations, as well as a model for future projects.

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